Verse Quran
9:82 Let them laugh a little: much will they weep: a recompense for the (evil) that they do.
12:16 Then they came to their father in the early part of the night, weeping.
17:109 They fall down on their faces in tears, and it increases their (earnest) humility.
19:58 Those were some of the prophets on whom Allah did bestow His Grace,- of the posterity of Adam, and of those who We carried (in the Ark) with Noah, and of the posterity of Abraham and Israel of those whom We guided and chose. Whenever the Signs of (Allah) Most Gracious were rehearsed to them, they would fall down in prostrate adoration and in tears.
44:29 And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them: nor were they given a respite (again).
53:43 That it is He Who granteth Laughter and Tears.
53:60 And will ye laugh and not weep.

The Quran's Verse about cry

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