Verse Quran
2:60 And remember Moses prayed for water for his people; We said: "Strike the rock with thy staff." Then gushed forth therefrom twelve springs. Each group knew its own place for water. So eat and drink of the sustenance provided by Allah, and do no evil nor mischief on the (face of the) earth.
7:160 We divided them into twelve tribes or nations. We directed Moses by inspiration, when his (thirsty) people asked him for water: "Strike the rock with thy staff": out of it there gushed forth twelve springs: Each group knew its own place for water. We gave them the shade of clouds, and sent down to them manna and quails, (saying): "Eat of the good things We have provided for you": (but they rebelled); to Us they did no harm, but they harmed their own souls.
15:45 The righteous (will be) amid gardens and fountains (of clear-flowing water).
17:90 They say: "We shall not believe in thee, until thou cause a spring to gush forth for us from the earth.
26:57 So We expelled them from gardens, springs.
26:134 "And Gardens and Springs.
26:147 "Gardens and Springs.
36:34 And We produce therein orchard with date-palms and vines, and We cause springs to gush forth therein.
44:25 How many were the gardens and springs they left behind.
44:52 Among Gardens and Springs.
51:15 As to the Righteous, they will be in the midst of Gardens and Springs.
55:50 In them (each) will be two Springs flowing (free).
55:66 In them (each) will be two Springs pouring forth water in continuous abundance.
76:18 A fountain there, called Salsabil.
77:41 As to the Righteous, they shall be amidst (cool) shades and springs (of water).

The Quran's Verse about fountain

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